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The JPA Academy Fright Night

I have only just recovered as an audience member of this year’s Fright Night. What started as a quick Drama game four years ago, has developed into one of the highlights of the year. All Stage 3 students are set the task of devising a Drama piece that truly gets under the skin of the audience. We tackle Site Specific, Theatre of Cruelty, plants in the audience, false endings, tension and good old fashioned jump out and scare you! This year was the best so far. We were taken on nerve wracking tours of the building, witness to ritualistic ceremonies, were given chilling instructions by a cold voice on speaker phone, saw people outside windows, had secret cast members……I get anxious just writing about it! One group decided to play with and manipulate our senses. I won’t give too much away, but it was an immersive, site specific piece worthy of any A level or University Level Drama student.

Well done, and thank goodness it’s a whole year until the next JPA Fright Night!




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