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We are delighted to have a close partnership with Happy Feet Management, a successful children’s talent agency. All students have the opportunity, if they wish, to audition for and join the agency. JPA students have gained parts in TV series, films and commercials, as well as working extensively in voice-over and West End theatre. We are proud to have helped some of our students gain roles in Matilda, Billy Elliot, Les Misérables, The Sound of Music and Once.

The agency has close relationships with top children’s casting directors, regularly inviting them to the academy to take audition workshops and see how our students are progressing. Auditioning can be a great confidence booster for children – learning how to walk in to a room with good posture and being able to chat to new people with confidence and ease are great life skills, and are quickly learnt by attending auditions.

For more information visit the Happy Feet Management Website

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