Every piece of theatre, film, television and music relies upon effective storytelling. At the JPA Academy, we ensure that every child has the confidence to speak out. We ensure that each term is rich in content and has a diverse curriculum, covering improvisation; devising; working with scripts (everything from Shakespeare to Alan Bennett); acting for camera; sketch writing; film production; and musical theatre. We have developed a safe and supportive environment where all our students are encouraged to work with each other to develop their ideas and creativity. We encourage our students to listen to each other to learn the skills to work as an ensemble or as leaders.

Each term we cover different elements of Drama to ensure each group has a balanced and deep understanding of techniques used by current and established practitioners. We work on stage combat, building tension, puppetry, characterisation and communicating with the audience. The sessions are designed to support and get the best out of every student. From the youngest child to the teenager about to audition for professional Performing Arts College, we ensure that the skills in Drama are embedded into every performance, and every aspect of life. Our students become instinctive. Acting through song and having character whilst moving makes a huge difference to a performer. Experimentation in Drama classes lead to intelligent choices by our students.

We have seen, through the development of confidence in Drama classes, a huge difference in the social skills of our students. Parents and teachers will often comment on the development of a child as a direct result of skills developed at The JPA Academy.